Overspray and graffiti problems are everywhere. And now Waverly Industries has created, unTAGit™ 2020, an environmentally-friendly product which allows nearly-instant removal of graffiti and overspray, all without damaging the underlying paint. Just spray it on, wait momentarily and then wipe it off with a soft cloth.

The beauty of unTAGit™ 2020 is in its nonflammable, low order, non-toxic cleaning agents. It works best on surfaces of glass, poly carbonate, metal, plastic, composite and other smooth surfaces.

Best yet, it is safe for workers and the environment, meeting all tough state environmental regulations.

UnTAGit™ 2020 has removed graffiti from painted buildings, overspray from auto painting, adhesive tape residue from decals, scuff marks, pen and crayon marks and even printing ink from rollers, walls and floors.

Contact us now for availability: 1-800-925-7052 ext. 1 or [email protected].

UnTAGit™ 2020 is available in four sizes, 55-GAL, 5-GAL, 1-GAL or 32 oz.